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"The City of Lincoln"

Our programme will include a tour of the historical centre of Lincoln with tours of the Cathedral and Castle on the Saturday,  a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre on the Southern outskirts of the city on the Sunday, a gala dinner on the Saturday Night and the IFFR UK Section AGM. Our base for the weekend will be the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Lincoln.  

"Midweek" DAy meetings 2021

RAF Scampton (EGXP) - Friday 20 August

Details: Fly or drive in to RAF Scampton, home of the Red Arrows, for lunch, followed by a presentation and tour of the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre. RAF Scampton was an important wartime airfield most famously known for the “Dambusters” raid by Lancaster bombers of 617 Squadron in the 2nd world war and a home for V Bombers during the cold war.  
Cost: RAF landing fees, lunch, + Heritage Centre admission fee.
Host: Tony Flinn

Beccles, Norfolk (EGSM) - Thursday 9 September

Beccles has benefited from significant investment, including a resurfaced runway, and has a first class cafe – a great destination for a GA pilot.  Fly or drive in for a buffet lunch, and enjoy a talk/tour on this former WWII airfield. 
Cost: Standard Landing Fee + Lunch (TBC)
Host: John Raven

RAF Club, London - Wednesday 8 December

We plan to go back to the RAF Club for our Christmas Lunch.  
We also anticipate an informal dinner the night before for any members or guests who will be coming to London the day before the lunch. 
Further details to follow. 



Our meetings are at 7.30 pm on the first Thursday of each month using Zoom.  Meetings typically last around an hour, and are the opportunity for you to find out what’s been happening, what’s planned and what’s new news in the IFFR and aviation world.  Forthcoming meetings are shown below

If you have a story to tell at one of our meetings, do let Webmaster@IFFR.UK know. 

If you are interested in trying IFFR, send us a message using the contact form and you can join us for one of these meetings.


5 August 2021

Speaker: Rotarian Russ Stein
Topic:  Microlights to Lapland – IFFR UK member Russ will share with us his experiences of leading a group of microlights from the UK to Lapland. 

2 September 2021

Speaker: Rotarian Gerd Wengler
Topic:  On top of the world – IFFR Canada member Gerd’s account of flying from Canada to Europe, over the north pole. 

7 October 2021

Speakers: IFFR UK Members
Topic:  IFFR fellowship in 2021 – we plan to share with you our accounts how we have participated in IFFR events in Europe this summer, the flying, the festivities and the fellowship. Find out what you may have missed – or recall fond memories if you were there 

4 November 2021

Speaker: Rotarian Ray Butterworth
Topic:  Last Days of the V-Force.  During his time in the RAF, Ray flew both the Vulcan and the Victor aircraft and will share with us memories of them.

2 December 2021

Speaker: Rotarian Nathalie Chudiak
Topic:  Jumping out of perfectly serviceable airplanes –  IFFR Benelux member Nathalie, current chair of the  Federation of European Women Pilots, is a pre-eminent parachutist with over 1,000 jumps around the world, culminating in her parachuting onto the South Pole